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Marimba Concerto

Alexis Alrich

Alexis Alrich

Alexis' music, which has been called "California Impressionism" is influenced by French impressionist music, West Coast minimalism and Asian music. She moved from San Francisco to Hong Kong in 2007.

Her first orchestra piece was performed by the Women's Philharmonic and has since been played multiple times around the U.S. Her Marimba Concerto was performed by Dame Evelyn Glennie and the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong in 2009, and will be recorded in 2013. She is now studying erhu with Xu Hui of the HK Chinese Orchestra .

Recent pieces include Play of Light for erhu, pipa and string quartet, Adagio Tranquillo for electric guitar and vibraphone, Cambodian dance scores with dancer Charya Burt, Route 101 for string quartet and Wen Bi Pool for harp, flute and viola.

The orchestral parts for Alexis Alrich's Marimba Concerto are available to hire from our Hire Library. A version for Marimba and Piano is now available to buy. The orchestral score is also available for purchase.


Marimba Concerto - Piano Reduction ALTOP056

Alexis Alrich's Marimba Concerto was performed by Dame Evelyn Glennie and the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong in 2009 and recorded in 2013.

Marimba (five octave)

Price: £26.95


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