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Mix 'n' Match

Peter J. Morgan

Peter J. Morgan

Peter Morgan grew up in Pembrokeshire before studying percussion at Cardiff University. He then completed an M.Mus. in composition under Professor Anthony Powers and Dr. Richard Elfyn Jones. In 2000 the Society for the Promotion of New Music (SPNM) shortlisted one of his works and it was subsequently performed at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Peter balances his time between writing, teaching and performing and conducting both North Monmouthshire Senior Wind Band and Greater Gwent Intermediate Orchestra. He continues to perform regularly as a percussionist with a variety of orchestras and also writes and performs with two bands, The Afternoons and Life at the Pines.


Mix 'n' Match ALTOP008

Originally written for a university portfolio in 1998, Mix ‘n’ Match was revised in 2008 for the Greater Gwent Percussion Ensemble to perform in a concert at St. David’s Hall, Cardiff. Scored for two marimbas with two players on each the main idea behind the composition was to explore the marimba’s ability to act as a melodic, rhythmic and harmonic vehicle. The piece consists of a number of short ideas which are initially overlapped by the players and subsequently passed around the different ranges for development. The opening chords return to bookend the work. Although the dynamics are equal throughout it is important that the melodic lines are brought to the forefront.

2 marimbas (2 players on each)

Duration: 3 minutes

Score Sample

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