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Elam Woc

4 Mallets

Solo Percussion music

Matthew Hall

Choices ALTOP009

Choices, composed in 2006, received its premiere performance on 1st May 2007 at the Cardiff University Concert Hall. It was performed by Enrico Bertelli during a concert performance by the University's Contemporary Music Group. This contemporary marimba solo explores the full range of the instrument and the various techniques.

Marimba (4.3 octave)

Duration: 6 minutes

Score Sample

Price: £9.95

Chris Stock

4 Mallets for Vibraphone ALTOP051

This comprehensive new book from Chris Stock is an extensive guide to four-mallet vibraphone playing. Included are a selection of exercises and studies along with a selection of pieces suitable for concert performance.

Price: £11.95

Jupiter's Dance ALTOP026

Jupiter’s Dance was originally written as the last of a set of five pieces for solo vibraphone, the others being published as Cross Sticks. However this one has been published separately because it is technically more demanding than the others. It is a jazz-inspired solo with a strong harmonic structure and challenges a player’s rotational and chordal techniques.

Solo Vibraphone

Duration: 4 minutes

Score Sample

Price: £9.95

Jacob Wheeler

Elam Woc ALTOP039

A popular solo piece for unpitched percussion with CD backing track. Jacob Wheeler wrote Elam Woc for a friend's final recital at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in 2003 and it has grown to become a standard piece of solo repertoire for students and professionals alike.

Recorded by Dave Danford on the Alto Publications CD Rhythmic Renaissance.

3 Toms

Score Sample

Price: £14.95 (includes backing track CD)