Chris Stock – Amber Samba

A percussion ensemble work for six players, with an option to perform either on samba instruments or traditional percussion instruments. Two performance layouts are possible, either using a single central surdo (or bass drum) for all of the players or with the players having a surdo each.

Player 1 – Agogo bells, Guiro, Timbales, Triangle, Surdo
Player 2 – Cabasa, Tambourim, Cowbell, Surdo
Player 3 – Cowbell, Chocola (or shaker), Triangle, Tambourim, Surdo
Player 4 – Tambourim, Claves, Agogo Bells, Guiro, Surdo
Player 5 – Congas, Claves, Maracas
Player 6 – Surdo, Samba Whistle

Duration: 5 minutes


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