Chris Stock – Aquila

An outstanding work for 11-piece percussion ensemble. The piece takes its name from a constellation lying in the milky way on the celestial equator. The piece reflects this with styles of music from both above and below the equator.

Player 1 – Timpani, Cowbell
Player 2 – 4 Tom-toms, Triangle, Vibraslap, Tam-tam (small)
Player 3 – Crotales, Bongos
Player 4 – Glockenspiel, Claves
Player 5 – Vibraphone, Agogo Bells
Player 6 – Xylophone, Guiro, Temple Blocks
Player 7 – Marimba, Chocola (or shaker), Samba Whistle
Player 8 – Snare Drum, Tenor Drum, 2 Wood Blocks, Small Suspended Cymbal (14″ – 16″)
Player 9 – Deep Snare Drum (or Field Drum), Large Suspended Cymbal, Cabasa, Hi-Hat
Player 10 – Tam-tam (large), Maracas, Guiro, Castanets
Player 11 – Bass Drum, Congas (pair), Maracas

Duration: 9 minutes


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